Juozas Naujalis


Each choir including conductor, accompanying person and bus drivers shall pay its own travel, accommodation and meals expenses. 


A compulsory condition for participants is to order accommodation through “Lituania Cantat”.

There are city taxes 1 euro per person per day. 


  • For an additional fee, we can offer You lunch and dinner from 6 EUR/person
  • Kaunas International airport (KUN) – 15 km.
  • Kaunas train station  – 3 km.
  • There is an additional fee for the bus for sightseeing tours. 
  • Additional charge for a single room from 30 EUR/person



110 EUR per 1 person


  • 3 nights. Accommodation with breakfast
  • 2** hotel (double, triple, rooms, parking for car or bus, wireless Internet access, linen included, convenient access to public urban transport: bus, trolleybus and minibus, taxis)


•     Guidance during whole stay

•     Kaunas sightseeing tour

•     Opening concert for participants

•     Participation in the competition

•     Public concert performance 

•     Gala concert

•     Information material