Šiauliai Cantat


Each choir including the conductor, accompanying people and bus drivers shall pay its own travel expenses, expenses on accommodation and meals. Compulsory condition for participants is to order accommodation through “Kaunas Cantat”.


There are city taxes 0,50 euro cents which should be payed at the hotel for each member personally.

For additional fee we can offer You lunch and dinner (6 – 12 EUR/per person for one meal)


  • For additional fee we offer You lunch and dinner (6 – 12 EUR/per person) 
  • If You wish to stay in single room (50 – 90 EUR/per person)



60 EUR per 1 person


  • 3 nights 
  • Hostel adequate international standards (8-beds, 6-beds,  4 – beds rooms, self-service kitchen – rest room, shared showers, kitchen and toilet, parking for car or bus, wireless Internet access, linen included, convenient access to public urban transport: bus, trolleybus and minibus, taxis)


•     Guidance during whole stay

•     Šiauliai sightseeing tour

•     Opening concert for participants

•     Participation in the competition

•     Public concert performance 

•     Gala concert

•     Information material