Šiauliai Cantat


Šiauliai is the fourth largest city in Lithuania, the city is the capital of Northern Lithuania. It has called a Sun City. It has become a tradition that “Šiauliai Cantat” events are held in the best concert halls, the most beautiful churches and monasteries with special acoustic and history.

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral



Šiauliai St. Peter and Paul Cathedral – the most prominent Renaissance Mannerism architectural work of Lithuania. They are white, slender, 70 m tall tower can be seen from a distance closer to Siauliai from either side. 400 years ago, built a magnificent building, the original architectural details.


Ch. Frenkel villa



Ch. Frenkel villa – one of two architectural monuments in Siauliai. Depends Siauliai Dawn Museum. The modern style was built in 1908. They lived Chaim Frenkel family later – the son of Jacob, who was probably designed the palace. In 1920-1940. Here is a private Jewish gymnasium. During the Second World War, settled in the German military hospital and later worked for many years the Soviet military hospital.


St. Virgin Mary Immaculate conception‘s church



The church was founded in 1993 october former, unfinished “Nuklono” House of Culture. The church is build in modern style.


House of Culture



Siauliai House of Culture was established in 1951
Cultural Center try to supply socio-cultural needs of the urban community, coordinated by an amateur art groups, study circles activities, organizes concerts, performances, public holidays, memorable dates, calendar holiday celebrations, exhibitions, dance nights, ethnic and other types of events, provides technical, methodological and other support to other cultural institutions. The cultural center is the main city of Siauliai birthday “Siauliai Day” organizer.