Musica Festa



      • Particicipants will be rated by a 5-member jury.
      • The jury will rank technical and artistic qualities of each participating group using the 30-point system. The key criteria include intonation, sound quality, dynamics, rhythm, stylistic nuances, interpretation, repertoire dramaturgy, expression, artistic impression, scenography, and choir uniforms.
    • The group earning the maximum points at category level may be awarded the Grand Prix, subject to jury approval.
    • Category X winners will get a special prize for the best virtual choir video.
    • Each member of the jury will write a report containing reviews and other remarks regarding the repertoire chosen by the choirs. The reports will be sent to the choirs by email.


    The jury may award a maximum of 30 points to a choir within the following framework:

    Excellent level certificate: 25 to 30 points

    Very good level certificate: 15 to 24 points

    Good level certificate: 10 to 14 points

    Participation certificate: less than 9 points



    • A group wins the category if it gets the highest points in the category, but no less than 21.
    • Grand Prix for the best choir of the competition (with maximum points).
    • Audience Award