Kaunas Cantat





Registration fee 250 Euro per choir.

Participation fee: 25 Euros per person on the stage (including conductor, soloists, instrumentalists)

The organizers will provide an invoice with the provided choir details in application.

In case a participant refuses to take part in the competition, the fee is not refunded.

Participants have to send to organizational committee the following things:

  1.     Application form
  2.     A short description of the choir in English (up to 250 words).
  3.     A good quality choir and conductor photos
  4.     Recording (audio or video) of the choir performance (it can be youtube, vimeo, dropbox or wetransfer links)
  5.     PDF or original scores of the competition programs (after the registration)


Participation fee includes:

Festival material

Special offers of the festival

Participation in the GALA concert

Participation in concerts / St. Mass service (according request)

Participation of choir representatives at meeting with judges

Copies of jurors’ evaluation sheets and competition’s results sheet




– Participants of the festival should perform a concert program at least at one of the festival concerts.

– The concert program is freely chosen.

– The duration of the concert program is approx. 20 minutes



– All rights of the video and sound recordings done during the festival, publication and distribution stay to the organizers of the festival.

The organizers reserve the right to change the program.

– Accommodation and meals are booked by the groups. If you need any help contact the organisers.

– Any extra activities in the city will be proposed by the organisers.

– Organisers will select the best choirs who will participate in the festival

– Selected choirs will receive the scores of the festival anthem which they have to learn before the festival

  By sending the application, the applicant agrees to all rules, terms and conditions of festival and competition.