Kaunas Cantat


10th Kaunas Cantat – Kaunas Sings

9th – 12th of June, 2022

Registration to the festival is FREE!




2022 is a special year for Kaunas: every corner of the city is breathing with the rhythm of the European Capital of Culture. Soon, in June, the rhythm will be accompanied by the melody – the 10th international festival “Kaunas Cantat” will be inviting you to become part of the music.

Kaunas is a city of water: the two longest rivers of Lithuania collide here and the sound of city fountains is filling the air every summer evening. Let’s connect the voices of the water and the city by creating open singing events among the choir singers and the guests of the culture city. This year’s festival innovation – educational programs will invite all the spectators not only to listen, but also to create the music together. Every evening of the festival the streets of Kaunas will be full of music as the open singing sessions will be conducted by a music professor and conductor Jan Schumacher. These gatherings will prove that choir music can find a place in everyone’s hearts!

The program of the festival cannot be imagined without spectacular opening and closing concerts. The participants of all these events will come to Kaunas not only from Lithuania, but also from other countries of the world. The variety of the choirs will ensure that an unknown part of the choir music world will be revealed to each and every one of us. Every member of the festival will be encouraged to become a part of something bigger – the unity of the choirs will be cherished by exchanging a part of their culture and teaching each other some of their national songs. The joint performances will be presented to the city before closing the festival.

One of the festival’s highlights will be the anthem of the event “Cantemus”, composed by Vaclovas Augustinas especially for the 10th “Kaunas Cantat” and performed by all the participating singers. Another memorable element of the event will be the beautiful concert of “Singer Pur” – a well-known professional German ensemble that will offer a wide and interesting repertoire.

The time before the concerts will be far from boring as a wide choice of events will be available. Starting with masterclasses and lectures and continuing with plenty of events of Kaunas 2022. The participants of this festival will be able to not only take part in one of the most spectacular choir music events in Lithuania this year, but also become a part of Kaunas 2022 and make history!