International Choral Bulletin – Choral Spring in Kaunas

Saturday November 5th, 2016 07:26 AM

International Choral Bulletin – Choral Spring in Kaunas

The most notable event of choral music in Lithuania is “Kaunas Cantat” International Choral Festival and Competition, which took place 12 May – 15 days in Kaunas. 4 days, 2 concert halls, 4 churches, 8 countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Thailand, 10 choirs categories, professional interpretations, various programs and big victories. This is the sixth gift for Lithuanian audience, which opens up the religious, folk and composed choral music features of different regions. The art director of the festival Rolandas Daugėla claims that during the six years of its existence, this event has become an integral part of Kaunas city’s cultural life. By tradition, this year sung during St. Mass at Vytautas’ the Great Church of the Assumption of The Holy Virgin Mary, Holy Cross Church, Church of St. Francis Xavier and St. George the Martyr Church. At the latter church on third day of the festival a nigh concert “Cantus Nocturnus” took place, which every year brings more and more vivid emotions; affects of darkness and sacred atmosphere fused with heartfelt chants, creates, if not an elevated religious feelings, then at least the human need for artistic fulfillment. But about a program of the concert later, since an essential element of the festival is choir competition, becoming a generalizing axis of participants and their programs, which operates both in the Mass and in the concerts.


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