Open-air concert

Friday May 13th, 2022 10:11 AM

Open-air concert

Kaunas Cantat – Kaunas Sings 2022 Open-air concert


#KaunasCantat #KaunasSings2022

It’s time for choral music to get out of the ordinary spaces! Kaunas is a water city surrounded by two of the longest rivers in Lithuania. The tranquility of the evening in the streets is stirred up by the fountains loved by the people of the town, in which the ensembles participating in the Kaunas Cantat festival will add to the sound of water in June. We welcome the listeners of the festival with a new concept of choral music concerts in the field – so as to get closer to each of you!

Concert will be shown at:

Laisvės avenue fountain

Unity Square fountain

Kaukas Stairs fountain

SUMMER STAGE Town Hall square