Juozas Naujalis

5th International Choir Festival and Competition of Lithuanian Music Patriarch Juozas Naujalis

4th – 7th of April, 2019

2nd-5th of April, 2020

Festival and competition which is dedicated to our Lithuanian composer Juozas Naujalis. This event was one of the first choral event dedicated to make more popular and well known Juozas Naujalis music abroad. Festival takes place in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Composer, organist and choir leader Juozas Naujalis (1869-1934) embarked on his creative path at the end of the 19th century and is acclaimed the patriarch of Lithuanian music. His work and compositions, especially his songs, are significant in the history of Lithuanian music. Juozas Naujalis’ melodious, easily remembered tunes were sung throughout Lithuania during the time of the development of its national consciousness. Juozas Naujalis’ output was mostly connected to the principal areas of his work – church music, choral songs, music for organ. His choral music holds an important place in his creative legacy, which includes 27 original songs for choir, 17 harmonizations of the folk songs, as well as large portion of church music: 13 masses, 23 motets, hymns, psalms, and other religious pieces – more than 150 compositions in all. One of the most significant features of Juozas Naujalis’ popular and long-remembered secular songs is their melodiousness. Styles of various periods intertwine in his masses and motets, but they all clearly manifest 16th century Renaissance characteristics.

Applications are accepted till 10th of February, 2019