Musica Festa




    • Bank details for transactions:

    Beneficiary: VŠĮ Lituania Cantat

    Account No.: LT75 7300 0101 5308 6240

    AB Swedbank

    Bank code: 73000

    Legal code: 304630939

    Swift code: HABALT22


    • Please enter the name of your choir and the name of the festival in “Purpose of payment”.
    • The organizers will issue an invoice containing the details provided by the choir in its application form.
    • The fee is non-refundable.
    • Participants must provide the organisers with the following:
    1. Application form: https://forms.gle/Ydq8yucTiAhnNAcZ8
    2. A short description of the choir in English (up to 250 words).
    3. Good quality photos of the choir and the conductor.
    4. Samples of the choir’s recordings (via Google Drive/WeShare/Wetransfer/Dropbox)
    5. Short video presentation of the choir (up to 2 minutes).
    6. Sheet music in PDF.


    The participant fee covers:

    • Dispatch of diplomas.
    • Live interpretation on YouTube.
    • Advertising and live interpretation on Facebook.
    • Jury costs.