Sunday May 22nd, 2022 04:51 PM


The “Kaunas Cantat-Kaunas Sings Festival”, which will take place on June 9-12, is preparing an interesting program for the festival’s visitors with a large number of participants from many countries of Europe. We are waiting for special guests from Ukraine as well.


The whole world lives in the face of terrible actions tearing Ukraine apart. We understand the importance of solidarity and all possible assistance to a state in such a painful situation. Ukraine is a nation with its unique cultural and arts traditions as well as ukrainians are people who want to show that their culture is very much alive. Showing the beauty of their one of a kind musical traditions now are more important than ever.


In our 10th choral music festival we are waiting for two choirs visiting us from Ukraine: “Dzvinochok” and “Vognyk”.


“Dzvinochok” is a unique choir that has revived traditional Ukrainian choral singing for boys which was almost lost during the Soviet era. Today the choir is a choral school that unites about 150 singers aged 5 to 45.


The second choir “Vognyk” is also actively contributing to keeping Ukrainian contemporary choral music flourishing. In addition, they are bringing it to other European cities outside of Ukraine. In June, both of these choirs would like to share a part of their Ukrainian culture with guests and citizens of Kaunas.


These ensembles rehearse and prepare for concerts in Lithuania even in difficult conditions caused by the war. Together we would like to show the world that the colorful culture of our neighbor country Ukraine is welcome in the European capital of culture – Kaunas. 


In cooperation with the ensemble from Germany “Singer Pur”, music school “Ugnelė” and the choir “Ąžuoliukas” we try to get these choirs to come to Lithuania. We would like to ensure that they have all the conditions to perform here and introduce us to the rich Ukrainian musical traditions.


To give as much help as possible, we would like to cover the costs of accommodation and travelling from their home. Therefore, we ask for the support of people who can contribute financially.



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