Cantate Domino



General rules

  • Participant registration fee is 250 €, for other categories 100 €.
  • Accommodation, meals and other services should be ordered through organisers.
  • In case of refuse of participation in the competition, the fee is not refunded.
  • Participants must send the following material:


•     application form

•     a short description of the choir in English (up to 250 words).

•     good quality (high definition) choir.

•     good quality (high definition) conductor photos.

•     5 copies of the program that will be performed on the main competition and Grand Prix competition by the regular post. These copies are not returned and remain in the competition archive.



  • Participants of the festival should perform a concert program at one of the festival concerts.
  • Concert program should be prepared for sacred and secular music.
  • Duration of concert program is approx. 15 minutes



  • In all categories, 10% of the singers may be older or younger than the above requirements.
  • One choir can participant in a few categories, but with a different program.
  • In all categories length of the performance 12 – 15 minutes. Length of performance includes getting on and off stage, program performance time, pauses between pieces. Choirs singing longer will be penalised by the jury: Every 15 second – 1 penalty point.
  • All pieces are performed without amplification.




  • Participants shall pay all transportation, eating and accommodation expenses by themselves.
  • All rights to the video and sound recordings done during the festival, their publication and distribution go to the organizers of the festival.
  • The organizers reserve the rights to change the program.
  • When applying, all participants agree to the rules of this festival and competition.