Cantate Domino



Rules for participation:
The registration fee for the first category is EUR 250 for the collective, and EUR 100 for each subsequent category. 
The fee is non-refundable if the participant withdraws from the competition.

Participants have to send to the festival organisers:
– the application form – by filling in the form
– a good quality photo of the choir
– a good quality photo of the director
– 5 copies of each of the works of the programme to be performed or send high quality pdf files.
– A short description of the ensemble of up to 250 words: in Lithuanian, English.


Choirs participating in the Festival must perform a concert programme in at least one concert scheduled by the organisers.
The concert programme may include both sacred and secular music.
The duration of the concert programme is up to 20 minutes.
All the groups participating in the competition perform 1 piece selected by the jury before the award ceremony.


Additional conditions:
In the competition categories, no more than 20% of the participants may be older than the specified age limit.
All works are performed without voice-over.
Participants are responsible for their own transport, board and lodging costs.
The organisers reserve all property and non-property rights to the video, audio recordings, photographs taken during the competition and the festival, their distribution and publication.
The organisers reserve the right to change the programme.
By submitting an application, participants agree to the terms and conditions of the competition and the privacy policy.